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Wireless Solutions In Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane

Welcome to Technosmart Solutions, where we redefine collaboration with our state-of-the-art Wireless Solutions service in Mumbai. Experience the ultimate collaboration journey with just one click – seamlessly connect your laptop to the central screen, camera, and speakers, turning any meeting room into a wireless hub.

The ultimate collaboration experience in just one click Walk into a meeting room with your laptop and the system automatically wakes up. You’re wirelessly connected to the central screen, camera and speakers. In one click you start your meeting. People joining remotely feel as present as the people on site. Your hybrid teams are happy and engaged.

Empowers you
• Truly see the remote participants. Enjoy more inclusive, equitable collaboration and foster meaningful connections by displaying people on the side or on a dual screen next to the content.
• Bring Your Own Device / BYOD. Share content from your laptop, tablet or smartphone with the ClickShare Mobile App or screen mirroring with Airplay, Miracast or GoogleCast.
• Make meetings more interactive. Itis compatible with a wide range of touchscreens. This allows for interaction with content on the screen, like blackboarding or annotation.

Built around you
• Flexibility and ease of use. Turn any room into a Wireless room. It flawlessly works with all major videoconferencing platforms and meeting room equipment.
• Choose the setting: the large boardroom, an everyday meeting room or a huddle space.
• Consistency. It creates the same engaging and immersive experience in any room.
• Native interoperability. Start a meeting from any laptop using your preferred videoconferencing platform or share content from any device. Works with any AV or room setup.

Makes your life easy
• Connect wirelessly in 7 seconds. Open your laptop and your meeting is up and running in a blink of an eye. Wirelessly and hassle free.
• Zero learning curve. It is self-explanatory and intuitive, so it doesn’t require training sessions or a manual.
• Get in-app guidance. HostFlow takes away all the complexity of starting a hybrid meeting, guiding you through the different steps of the process.
• Check a room’s availability. When you enter the room, you can immediately check if it´s available or not on the meeting display.

At Technosmart Solutions, we bring innovation to collaboration, making your meetings more efficient and enjoyable. Contact us today to elevate your collaborative experiences with our advanced Wireless Solutions service in Mumbai.

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