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Video Conferencing Service in Mumbai

Video Conferencing Services in Mumbai,
Navi Mumbai & Thane

Technosmart Solutions with more thane 16 Years of Experience in video conferencing in mumbai, brings a range of video conferencing products and solutions in. This help in connecting users of multiple devices and platforms like PCs, laptops, mobile devices to room systems.

New business imperatives are transforming the collaboration needs of the modern enterprise. No longer is it enough to be able to just communicate, instead teams need to be able to collaborate across a variety of platforms from the context of their current tasks and workflows. The business advantages which this delivers in reducing “time-to-decision” is fast becoming invaluable.

solutions provide the closest replacement for meeting people in person. We combine some of the most powerful technologies available to create video interactions that approach the realism of in-person meetings. Our UC solutions go a step further, helping organisations to move video conferencing out of the video conferencing room and take it to almost anywhere you need it to be.

Experience seamless communication with Technosmart Solutions Video Conferencing service in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane. Elevate virtual meetings with crystal-clear video and user-friendly interfaces. Connect effortlessly from anywhere, fostering collaboration without limits.

TechnoSmart Solutions is the leading video conferencing service provider in Mumbai & Thane, setting new standards for seamless virtual collaboration. In an era where connectivity is paramount, our state-of-the-art video conferencing service brings people together, bridging geographical gaps and fostering effective communication.


Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs) are purpose-built meeting solutions that utilise the Microsoft Teams platform in real-world environments. This brings high-definition audio and video calling capabilities to enterprise meeting spaces. These rooms are equipped with Teams certified hardware which creates unmatched ease-of-use and immersive experiences. Technosmart Solutions designs and integrates Teams Rooms to leverage the power and flexibility of the cloud-based Microsoft Teams platform, so they adapt well to hybrid work situations and enable everyone to be seen, heard, and fully participate from anywhere.


When creating modern workspaces for hybrid teams, Zoom Rooms can bring HD video collaboration into any space — whether it’s the office, classroom, or home. This enables both in-person and remote participants to interact in real time with a high-level experience. Widely considered the most intuitive video collaboration experience, Zoom Rooms connect a group of people sharing one physical space with people working remotely, connecting dozens, or even hundreds of people. Technosmart Solutions helps organisations set up Zoom Rooms, which make it simple for collaborating teams to start a meeting, book a room, and share content. All it takes to get started with your video call or meeting is a simple tap of a button.

Google Meet Rooms

Google Meet Rooms allows businesses to use the Meet platform in meeting spaces, for secure video meetings. Teams can stay securely connected with enterprise-grade video conferencing built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure. For users, Meet is simple to use, simple to manage and simple to deploy at scale.

Technosmart Solutions provides integration capabilities for getting your meeting room “Meet-enabled” and enhancing the in-room experience. We ensure that Google Meet Rooms match up to expectations of secure, user-friendly video conferencing meetings for teams and businesses. Elevate your virtual meetings with crystal-clear video, user-friendly interfaces, and a commitment to bridging geographical gaps. Connect effortlessly and experience collaboration without limits with Technosmart Solutions, your trusted partner in Video Conferencing Service in Mumbai.

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