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LED Video Wall Solution in Mumbai

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LED Video Wall Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane

LED Video wall Services can be used for many applications, including digital signage, lobbies, meeting rooms, control rooms, auditoriums, and simulation and visualization installations. Video wall displays are also scalable, making them a perfect fit for larger installations. There are two major types of video wall displays: LCD and LED. LCD video walls use thin bezel LCD displays arranged in a grid to create a seamless image or video display.

LED video walls use modular LED panels to create a large display area. The high brightness and contrast of LED video walls mean they are often used in indoor or high-ambient-light environments. A video wall offers a larger display area and supports scalable, custom configurations to fit your application. Video wall solutions also provide more powerful resolutions and are relatively easier to service and maintain. A video wall solution always provides a more enriching viewing experience than single large displays.

A “LED video wall” is a complete AV solution consisting of multiple individual components. A video wall solution could include LED or LCD display tiles, power controllers, content management and processing solutions, AV distribution systems, and video wall controllers. The combination of technology required for each video wall is designed based on what your application calls for.

Indoor LED Video Walls

These LED displays are suitable for various kinds of indoor applications like in lobbies, retail stores, boardrooms, and more. They are designed with SMD technology. Rich colour reproduction, superior resolutions, and an overall spectacular viewing experience are what you can expect from our TrueColor™ enabled LED video walls. The available sizes of pixel pitch range from 0.9mm onwards.

A robust design and high brightness are two critical features of our outdoor LED video walls. Apart from these two, they have low energy consumption, high brightness, finer pixel pitches for outdoor, water-resistance capabilities. These displays are apt for all kinds of outdoor applications like DOOH, Retail stores, Buildings and more.

Outdoor Videowall

The screen is specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions like blazing sunlight, rain or dust. It consists of advanced features such as ultra-brightness and pixel pitch display, giving stark clarity even on the brightest days. Such features make the content stand out from all distractions and serve its function. Generally, industries like advertising, digital out-of-home and real estate opt for this kind of display

From stadium scoreboards and concert venue backdrops to storefront advertising and transportation signage, our outdoor LED video wall solutions deliver impactful visual experiences, withstand the weather and are bright even in the sunlight. They are just what you need, where you need it.

Fine Pitch LED Display

Believing in the beauty of precision, we are a growing Indian LED display brand advancing towards transformation and constant innovation. The latest fine-pitch technology brings the pixels closer to ensure high clarity and superior picture quality while displaying any content. The visual richness of the content is due to the display's optimum contrast ratio, high brightness, vibrant colours, and greyscale technology. The longevity of the screen is made possible with innovative Vigilant technology. These displays can be used in boardrooms, conference rooms, training rooms & more.

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