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Project Implementation System

Technosmart Solutions provide AV solutions that are designed to help your organization. Our team of highly trained and certified AV professionals will work closely with you to design an AV solution which meets your business needs. Our Integration team will equip your business with cutting-edge audio-visual solutions to elevate your company’s performance and creativity. Our Project Implementation system follows the following Stages


Our industry certified design team will help you plan your space optimally keeping in mind interiors, acoustics, usability and future expansion during the concept stage. The team will put across the details of the design and functionality statement, budgetary proposal and technology specifications for your understanding. The design team is responsible for the technology proposed and solution provided.


Our procurement process enables us to source, manage and deliver equipment ordered from OEMs to the client. Due to the volumes we generally work with, the OEMs extend support to ensure our orders are looked and processed at the earliest. Our global presence provides our clients to process the orders with the benefit of duty exemptions. The ERP system helps clients with order processing updates and tracks the status of the procured items.


Our skilled and industry certified integration team comprising of managers, project engineers & technicians pays close attention to the coordination & detailing required to set up your AV infrastructure. During the process of installation, the first level IPQC checks help correct any deviations, safety concerns and monitor quality installation at the initial stage. The equipment is then racked and installed as per standards, for programming, configuring of the system to achieve the desired functionality. User acceptance tests are subsequently completed by our certified engineers who follow up with the final FPQC check and handover a thoroughly tested, functional AV system.


Post-handover of the Project, we provide a consolidated maintenance and support plan. We tailor our service level agreements to meet the needs of business and the equipment installed, which are supported by OEM trained & certified engineers. The post-sales ERP system ensures that tickets raised are resolved at the earliest to ensure your functionality is not compromised.

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